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Digital Products Only

All clipart sets that I introduce on this site you can buy on Etsy.  Selling digital products(JPG, PNG, PDF files) only. No physical product.

Most of JPG and PNG files are 300~350dpi, RGB color.

So if you want print them, their color would be different from your monitor. So check and adjust their color which you satisfy. Please test the print.


Personal Use Only

I had thought about sell licenses, but finally I decided to not sell licenses on this Etsy shop.

Most of products that sell on Atelier Kaori’s Etsy shop, personal use only.

But if you work for small business, as much as my Etsy shop, you can use them for your business without license, up to 300 copies. But if you use them web site design, it’s your own web site only.

And some of products are license free, you can use it for every occasion, no limit!

But only for “Cookie the Cat Printable”, if you wanna print and sell it, please do not remove the QR code and trade mark of Atelier Kaori.

And if you want to use them more larger business, please visit my Creative Market’s shop. I am selling some licensed products.


Payment : PayPal Only

Sadly Etsy doesn’t allow any payments but PayPal, for sellers from out of USA. So you buy my product, you MUST pay via PayPal.

If you don’t like using PayPal or don’t have PayPal account, you can buy it on my Creative Market’s shop with credit cards. But products on my Creative Market’s shop, almost one dollar expensive (for Standard License price) rather than Etsy’s (because of license).

Please Do Not

Clam your own digital products for sell with our items
You can use our every products in personal.
If you want to use in your small business, up to 300 copies for 1 project.
Please credit our shop’s name.


Custom Order

I don’t take custom order, because I have day job so I don’t have much of time. And my English skill is so bad so I don’t wanna misunderstand what you say.

But if you have some easy request, feel free to contact me 🙂


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