Here is Atelier Kaori’s shop on Spoonflower. Atelier Kaori’s clipart become textile design!

Atelier Kaori Shop on Spoonflower


atelierkaori's shop on spoonflower

If a clipart was very very attractive for you, you are not interested in digital contents, not good at handling computer, it is useless.
But in this shop you can buy fabric that printed AtelierKaori’s clipart. And you can choice from 23 kind of fabrics. You can use them for curtain, pillow, to decorate your room. You can find gift wrap, wall paper, on your monitor!

You may find what exactly you want for your DIY project.

Wonderful Designs

There are ton of beautiful and unique textile designs, cannot find such a so many designs at the real shop near you. You can choice them from your home with tea and cat.


At real shop, you may find a design what you like, but there are only 1 or 2 kind of fabric you can choice.

Bu t in Spoonflower, you can print on the fabrics what you want. You can choice from 23 kind of fabrics. There are plain cotton, organic cotton, gauze, jersey, fleece, canvas.

About more detail of fabrics, check the link Spoonflower – fabrics.

Before the first order, you must buy a Fabric Sample Pack to know its texture in real. And you can check its look of design you want in fabric you want. Test Swatch (8″ x8″) is $5.

Wall Paper & Gift Wrap

You can have wall paper and gift wrap also, with design what you love. Wall paper is expensive usual, but at Spoonflower, you can buy from $60 (12′ x2′ ) . Gift Wrap is from $15 (26″x 72″).

Unique Design

You can buy exact amount of fabric, as much as you want. “Fill-A-Yard” designs you want, with template. That’s like a “not-patched” patchwork quilt. Very unique and useful. See more information Fill-A-Yard – Spoonflower.

Price & Payment & Discount

All designs are same price. Because price is only depends the fabric’ price and length.Very simple, clear, easy to calculate system.

Ordering over 20 yard at once, 10% off and more. More about discount is Bulk Discount – Spoonflower .


There are 3 types of shipping. “Standard“, “Guaranteed“,”Rush“.

“Standard” is the most lower price, but slow. For example, using “Standard “, ship to Japan 8 items($54.75, fabrics only) .

They send me them from Berlin, took 13 days (10 calendar days) to processing. And they told me it will take 2 or 3 weeks for shipping to Japan, but only 5 days(3 calendar days) after I got it! This shipping cost was $7 by Deutsche Post.

Of course your shipping cost depends on amount 0f your order, and your location. Japan may be the most far distant area from Berlin. So you may get it more faster, with more cheaper cost than me. For the customer in USA, they ship from Durham, NC, US.

More information about shipping cost, click the link below

Shipping rate and options – Spoonflower

How long will it take to get my order? – Spoonflower

Printing Quality

Generally their printing quality is very good. But it depends on what fabric you choice. It may different from what you expected.


Spoonflower’s Sister Site


Roostery is Spoonflower’s sister brand which makes custom order home decor products with fabrics that selling on Spoonflower. If you don’t like sawing, you can have throw pillows and tea towels etc… easily, with the textile design you want. For gifts they are so good!

And here is Atelier Kaori’s shop on Roostery.

Ordering over $100 shipping cost FREE! But only inside of USA.


Sprout Patterns

Sprout Patterns is also Spoonflower’s sister brand which prints sawing pattern on to fabric you want. That’s very interesting idea!

You are not good at sawing? Then you can order White Glove service, they saw for you!


Enjoy physical products and decorate your life!

2017 Atelier Kaori