This blue bouquet clipart like a gentle breeze of early summer.

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Blue Bouquet Clipart

Blue Bouquet Clipart 

There are a lot of beautiful and lovely flowers I love, peony, poppy,dahlia….etc.. But I have painted roses twice and twice. I don’t know why rose is attractive so much. There is rose clipart again.

I had never painted white roses, because it is difficult, especially for clipart. If it was very “white”, you cannot see it on the white paper. I tried to paint very soft and tender white roses, twice and twice. And then finally I painted “almost” white roses.
And I added thistles for this clipart set. I love this flower but I haven’t know that is kind of thistle. Looks very modern, edgy, and has very attractive blue color. It matches well with sweet white roses.
And, as you know, blue is the Virgin Mary’s color. So brides wear “Something Blue” at her wedding. This blue bouquet clipart is very nice for wedding invitations. Refined and sweet but not too sweet. This clipart brew gentle early summer breeze. Very nice for June Bride, I guess.
If you were not bride, it would be nice for greeting cards, or fabric design.
And you may also like them.


About White Roses

Rose’s species has only 3 colors. Red (or pink), white, and yellow. So white is very original color. Very famous old white rose is “Rosa Alba“. Alba rose is  painted on “La Nascita di Venere (The Birth of Venus)” by Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de’ Medici in 15th-century.

White old roses look soft, sensitive but they are very strong. Almost of them bloom only at summer, but very easy to grow, nice to plant for your garden.

If you don’t have garden, you can enjoy white roses with clipart.

2017ⓒ Atelier Kaori