Let me show you my mysterious butterfly clipart. 


Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Butterfly Clipart

Butterfly Clipart

Looking back my life, there are many memories, but there are also memories that I totally forget.

People think he is a same “person” since his born till die.  

if you lost all of your memories, you cannot know who you are. 

But the memories you forget also make yourself. And your memories are wrong sometime,

or you give your memories wrong meaning. So how shall you know who yourself.

Who are you? Who am I? People never know who is him. 

May be we have many sides cannot describe at once. You will never know some part of yourself.


I painted these watercolor butterflies with that thoughts.

These butterflies are my memories, my thoughts, some of them I will never know exactly.

They appear, flies, fade. I will never capture them.


Burning butterfly is made of digital collage watercolor illustration with pics of antique race and postcard.

And rose butterfly inspired from poet of William Blake.

This butterfly clipart set will be nice imaginary specimen.

About Specimen

I like antique things. And I am very interested in specimen case.

But when see them in real, I could not get it because it reminds me of that they had a life till captured.

I feel that is a little bit cruel and scary to be just an “antique collection” or  an “interior decoration”.

So I will make “curious specimen case” with this butterfly clipart and something.

And I love this arts from “Insect Lab”.

Very beautiful and wonderful imagination! At the first time I saw them I was very impressed and nothing to say just sigh.

I really love them and I think I wanna buy them sometime. But they are made from real insects….


A famous Russian novelist Vladimir Nabokov, known well as his literature “Lolita”, was possessed for butterfly.

He was very eager butterfly collector and drew butterfly.

His drawings very beautiful and attractive as his novel. I think his drawing better than mine…., I want his butterfly clipart….

I am not interested in hunting them. But hunted butterflies were still happier if it was Nabokov.  

He treated them very nicely as scientific way.

More about Nabokov’s scientific and visual artistic side, in this book.

2017ⓒ Atelier Kaori