DIY cat’s clone cushion lesson 2. Is your cat pic ready? If you don’t, back to lesson 1.

Then order your cat’s image fabric at Contrado!

See a pic above, you can create clone like that!

DIY Cat’s Clone Cushion


Order Your Cat’s Image Fabric at Contrado

Go to Contrado

Contrado is a fabric printing company in United Kingdom.

Very famous in Euro.

I’m live in Japan but I order fabrics for them, because their site is very easy to design,

print is very beautiful and shipping is fast and cost is low rather than ordering Japanese company.

And they have a lot of fabrics, so you will can find exactly you want.

I recommend you order “Fabric Swatch Pack” of them at the first.

Then you will see real texture of fabrics.

Go to Contrado‘s site and click “Fabric Printing”.


1. Choice Your Fabric

Enter to “Fabric Printing”, then you click “See All Fabrics”.

You’ll see a lot of fabric they have. Choice what you want and click it.

So a new window open, then “Start Design”.

I ordered “Plush Velvet”. Because it is very soft, silky like a cat.



2. Set Your fabric

Designing is very easy on their site. You already choice your fabric, then set its size.

You don’t need to order a lot, just how much you need. So check “Custom Dimensions”.


You made a cat’s image as fit to print out A3(11.69 × 16.54 inches)size.

If you want a cat’s image fabric only, set fabric size A3 size + margin.


I ordered it in May, in the early summer I cannot find any nice fabric to use

this cushion’s back, matching to this Plush Velvet’s texture.

So I ordered size as show below to get cat’s fabric and back fabric at once.

Close pic is below.

And I always choice edge type “As It Comes”, you can choice anyone you like.

Then, click “Add Image”.

And, if you have some question, click the left side of monitor “Live Chat”.

Operator will answer you immediately.

3. Add Your Cat’s Image

Click “Add Image”, small new window open and choice your image to add.


Oh no! That’s too big! Contrado site automatically resize your pic.

Sometime too big, sometime too small rather than how much you expected.

Then change its size as you want. Click “Edit” and input size. Or, drag the pic’s corner on the pic.


If you want back fabric also as me, click “Add Image” again and upload new image for back.

I use my digital paper. Pink watercolor striped from Striped #Warm – Digital Paper from Atelier Kaori on Etsy

Set its size as cat’ pic, make it cover a half of fabric with stripe image.

Contrado design page is very easy to use. But a little bit slow sometime.

If it is slow, wait a bit or click somewhere on design.

Designing is finished! Isn’t it easy?? Then proceed cart and order!


 Fabrics comes from United Kingdom. It takes about a week to arrive Japan.

Yay! That’s exactly what I want!!! And texture is dreamy soft! I love it!

4.Cut and Saw

Cut a fabric along 5cm(or more) outside of cat’s shape.

 On the back fabric, put the cat’s fabric inside out. Then cut back fabric along cat’s fabric.

 “Plush Velvet” is stretch very well. So basting with Kleenex before sawing with machine.
Saw it slow, not to tear Kleenex.
Finished sawing, stuff cotton.
Front: I think it would be nice more flatter.

 Back: Looks a little bit…odd… 😀

With “real” Coco!!! But seems she doesn’t care….

Who is it? I don’t accept to have new cat! 

 DIY cat’s clone cushion is very easy and cheap. Very nice to present.