Today’s lesson is, DIY colorful slipon! Change very ordinary plane slip-on to a colorful and cheerful one!

NOTICE: After finished DIY, I found some problems. Read the link below first.

After Actually I Wore

DIY Colorful SlipOn

You may have a casual and simple slip-on in your closet.

Matches relax clothes, comfortable to walk. Today, I’m gonna show you how to DIY colorful slipon!

It will be one and only slipon which nobody find same slipon in anywhere in this world!


Materials for DIY Colorful SlipOn …..

I use Japanese materials often but I suggest similar materials you can get easily.


1.Clipart You Like

Have you ever tried “Decoupage”?

Decoupage is, pasting small illustration on fabric or furniture to customize.

You can paste a clipart which you like, or illustration of paper napkin. Small parts are very easy to paste.


If you want to paste a clipart, print it thin paper by razor printer.

Because razor print is not run with water very much, rather than ink-jet print.But of cause not perfect waterproof.

And, thinner paper is the best. If you can choice paper, I recommend to use very thinner paper like Washi.

There are some copy paper made from Washi, but sometime they cause some trouble for printer.If you try them, be carefully.

Usual copy paper is not too bad but still thick.


But this time, I’m gonna paste thin fabric over the instep.

And this fabric is made of my Swallow Clipart.

This textile pattern is same as one of this digital paper set.

Swallow Digital Paper – Atelier Kaori on Etsy

*Notice: This digital paper cannot be used as seamless repeat pattern.


The fabric must be thin, because pasting not-flat place is difficult.

And I’m gonna use adhesive sheets with iron heat. So fabric must be heat proof. 

I ordered cotton lawn fabric(75 gsm) with this design at Contrado.  Or you can order at Spoonflower also.


Do you wanna know how to order your custom made fabric? I’m gonna show you how to do it for another post.

If you don’t order your own, use thinner fabric.


swallow cloth


Of cause I cannot make a slipon from the first. So I’m gonna customize it.

Get a new “very ordinary” simple slip-on. Made from cotton canvas fabric, white or ivory one is good.

Do not choice more better one, like coated surface by something. Coating is not good for this DIY.

And if it was dark color, its color would be seen through the illustration or cloth you paste. So white color is better.

I bought Van’s one, you can choice anything but has essential above.

And before pasting, wash it lightly to remove starch and dry well.


van's slipon

3.Decopage Sealer for Fabric 

If you use small illustrations, you can paste cloth with water base sealer like Mod Podge.

And Mod Podge is also very good for pasting fabric.

But this time I’m gonna use fabric adhesive sheets. 

Homel Sheet from Gentil

Above is Japanese maker’s product. Similar product from US is below. This is very popular, you may know.

This is like a double sided tape that paste fabric with iron.

Mod Podge or adhesive sheets, I don’t know which is easier.


And If you use the sheet like above, you need to coat the fabric surface to give it strength.

So you also need  Mod Podge or something water base coating sealer like it.

I use this, water base matt finish.

water base finish


4. Fabric Dye Spray

I’m gonna paste gray fabric but this Van’s slipon’s side is stuffed.

Seems very difficult to paste fabric to the sides well, so I’m gonna paste fabric instep only.

I don’t want to leave sides white, it won’t be match fabric. Then I’m gonna dye sides.

Usual, you need to soak a fabric for colored water to dye.

But I want to dye sides only. Then I use spray type dye color.


This made for repairing fabric or laser shoes and bag.

This is Japanese product, but you can find a lot of spray like it on the internet.

Very easy to use, like you do for furniture. Able to wash.

But if you like white base color, you don’t need to do buy it.



These are ordinary tools that everyone have. 

1.Iron and Cooking Sheet(Non Stick Parchment Paper)

I use adhesive sheets which seal fabric with iron’s heat, so I need an iron.

I only have usual bigger iron. If you have more smaller iron for sewing, use smaller one.


And, sometime the bond on adhesive sheets will come up through the thin fabric by heat.

It would stick on the iron. 

To avoid it, put on cooking sheet between the fabric and iron.

But If you don’t care about that, you don’t need to use it.


2. Design Knives  

To cut off the fabric, design knives are useful. 

But if you don’t have, you can use a pair of scissors.


3. Masking Tape and Papers

I’m gonna dye slip-on sides so I need to mask where I don’t wanna dye.

Those are unnecessary if you don’t dye it.


Are you ready for DIY?  Let’s start to make original slipon!.

2017ⓒ Atelier Kaori