Let’s start DIY colorful slipon! 

Check below about preparation.
NOTICE: After finished DIY, I found some problems. Read the link below first.
After Actually Wore


DIY Colorful SlipOn


1.Dye Slipon

This is the beginning of DIY colorful slipon.

I’m gonna paste fabric instep only. But I don’t want to leave sides white.

So, at the first, I dyed sides. If you don’t wanna dye it, skip this part.


I want to dye sides and also want to leave white piping,side rib, inside, instep, tag and sole.

But usual dying that soak colored water, it dyes all of the slipon.

So I use fabric dye spray. Very easy to use, do as same as your furniture.


First, stuffed papers inside the slipon.

Then masked carefully those parts with masking tape and paper.It was very difficult!

This is the pic after dying. Sorry this pic is not good to see,

but you may see sides are dyed and other areas are all left white.


If you see this slipon in real and closer, you will see dying is not perfect.

But it is still okay because if I wore it, you will never know the detail.

And that is, handmade!


2. Make a Pattern

I’m gonna paste a fabric to instep, so at the first, I need have a pattern of instep.

Put a paper on the slipon and trace its shape for a paper. My pattern is here.


Very rough but that’s okay. This is left patten, if you want right patten, reverse it.


3.Cut a Fabric

Before cutting a fabric, put a fabric on the slipon, and determine where the best to place on instep.

I want a swallow is center of the instep. And I do this on the bias, because bias fabric is stretch a little and fixing will be bit easier.

Put a pattern on a fabric, and cut a little bit larger (almost 1 cm/0.4 inch).

I cut fabric with same pattern…but…. 😛

But that’s okay….!


4.Put Fabrics on Fabric Adhesive Sheets

Next, cut adhesive sheets along with the fabric that cut #3,


I am very worrier so cut a adhesive sheet larger than fabric, but it is not necessary.

See the pic below, under side that curing inside is pasted bond.

So you should reverse it. 

And see below the pic. 

Then put a fabric on to this adhesive sheet, then press with iron over the cooking paper.

Set iron temperature around 150℃/300°F.

Cooking paper is not necessary, if you don’t cut adhesive sheet larger than fabric as me.

But if the fabric is thin, the bond on adhesive sheets will come up through the fabric by heat.

It would stick on the iron. If you afraid of it, use cooking sheet.

And if you pressed it too much, there will be iron’s mark remain (see the last pic).

So don’t press too long.

Make a pair of instep. Then continue DIY colorful slipon #5, go to final page to finish DIY!


2017ⓒ Atelier Kaori