Finished till #4? Continue DIY colorful slipon. Only a few step you will be finished!

NOTICE: After finished DIY, I found some problems. Read the link below first.
After Actually Wore

DIY Colorful SlipOn

Continue Making

5.Mark Pins

Put a fabric #4 on the instep, and mark pins like that.

Check the fabric covers all over instep.


6. Fasten a Fabric

Till now, it was very easy.

But this part is, most important and difficult .Do it carefully and slowly.
At the first, fasten central small place only, to fix the fabric. Do as same as #4.

And then make the fixed place more larger, and rest complicated edges.

Pull a fabric like that fix along the carve. Very carefully, to avoid wrinkle and air bubble.

 Almost done.


7. Fasten the Edges

Fabric is larger than instep. So cut off the remains.

A fabric where is close to sole, cut off a fabric along sole’s verge.

This is very difficult, if your fabric background is colored as mine,

small interstice would be conspicuous on the white canvas.

Do it very carefully, with shape design knife. Ans don’t cut slipon!

I want to leave piping white to be an accent.

Piping has a small space to hide fabric’s verge.

So cut a fabric a little little bit over sized.

Then, use eyeleteer and insert the remain verges under the piping.

This is very trouble some part. Be patience! You will see the goal soon!

And fasten verges with iron. Around piping, press over the piping.

After a while… finished!

8. Coat Slipon with Water Base Finish

To coat and give it strength, coat over the instep with water base finish.
It is very easy, I painted twice(pic above).

Please paint it carefully, avoid rubber sole. Because coating sealer would rubber color turns yellow. And it gets change in quality of rubber.

Verges of fabric is easier to peel. So paste it correctly.
Dry for 24 hours.

But it is not strong as original one. If you want wash it,
please carefully. Avoid rainy day.

After drying, wear slipon and go out to show your friends new only one slipon!

After Actually I Wore

After finished making, I put away it for 2 months. Then I wore it 5 days while traveling. 
The pic above is after 5 days used. Looks still nice.
But before I wore, I found edges are peeled already.
And some area of rubber sole were turned yellow, it may be because of coating sealer.


Seems fixing cloths with fabric adhesive sheets is difficult for edges.
Because I use usual iron. If I used more smaller iron it would be better,
or using Mod Podge is better than using fabric adhesive sheets?
Anyway Van’s slip on is very comfortable, I love it. So I need to repair… 
If you try this DIY colorful slipon, please notice about that!