Let’s DIY initial bag! Lesson 2 here we go!!

DIY Initial Bag Lesson 2

Finished initial bag preparation? So, let’s start DIY initial bag!

How to DIY Initial Bag 

1.Print out the clipart on the sheet

Do it as same as paper. 

Print it onto cloth touch side. Do not mistake. 

Back has pasting bond.

And if you use transfer sheet for “light colored”, you should your image get reversed.

Because, in the case of light colored, print side is pasting side.

2.Trim the sheet


Cut off the sheet like below.

I am lazy so cut it with scissors. But with designer’s knife, on the cut board is better.

I have told you it at lesson 1, but I say again.

Print sheet is not suited to be cut complicated. It won’t be pasted well so easily peel out soon.

These are bad samples.


And, don’t forget to cut edges to round.

3.Set a sheet on to a bag 

Mark on the bag where you want to transfer the illustration.

After marking, put the bag on flat place like a table top (I used iron board but that is not the best choice).

On the table top surface, put some clothes to make a cushion like an iron board.

And if the product has wrinkles, get it smooth with iron at the first.


In the case of print sheet for “dark colored”, pasting side is back. 

Peel the paper back.

Then place a sheet along the mark, and fix a sheet with pins like that.



If you use print sheets for “light colored”, image side is pasting side.

So place the sheet face down on to your product. 

Do contrarily the pic above.


4.Fix a Sheet with an Iron

This is the most important and difficult? section!

Did you read your sheet’s information? Set an iron temperature as an information says. No need steam.

For Avery products, set temperature “cotton”. 



When your iron’s temperature is ready, fix a print sheet on a bag…..!

Don’t put an iron directly! Do you remember a paper that included print sheets?

Put the paper on a print sheet.

But if you use sheet for “light colored”, they don’t including paper, and you can iron it directly

from back of the image. 


Now, it’s an iron’s turn! Put an iron on the paper. At the first, fix the central part, avoid the pins.

Push an iron with your weight. But don’t burn it out!

My bag’ bottom is vinyl coated so avoid coating zone carefully…





After fixed central part, remove the pins and fix other part that least.

Fixing edge is important to make a print sheet last longer….

After iron, wait 3~4 minutes and then remove a paper.

For light colored, check pasting well or not before peel the back paper.

If not, iron and press more.


Finished!!! This is my own initial bag which no one has in this world!

How do you think about that? Isn’t it easy??? You can do it for T-shirt, table cloth… everything

that capable to use an iron, heat proof.


And, keep the paper for iron. When it’s getting peel, press with the paper and iron again.


Now I can go to gym with this cute bag! But my gym is gonna close next year, I heard…. 🙁