I love to see specimen case and wants to use for wall decoration. But when I think they had life, and now they are body, my mood turn unhappy using them just a “decoration”, not study.

So I made “fake butterfly” specimen case. They are made from just papers. You’ll never feel guilty when you bored them and throw to trash. And of course it’s very easy to make rather than “real” insect’s specimen.

You can have a specimen that the newest species of butterfly nobody have ever seen!


DIY Specimen Case with Butterfly Clipart

Preparation for DIY Specimen Case with Butterfly Clipart

1.Clipart You Like

I use my butterfly clipart, #meadow.


Printed illustrations are different from monitor. If you don’t satisfy with printing result, adjust the color curves or contrast. I changed them a little bit darker.

Of course you can use other insect’s clipart.

2.Shadow Box Picture Frame

This time I use this Ikea‘s frame RIBBA that has depth between back and glass.

specimen case flame

Specimen case needs depth, you can use a shallow box instead of frame if you don’t care about dust.

3.Personal Printer and Paper

Thick paper (that adjust your printer type)  like this is necessary. This is for greeting cards, double sided. This time double sided is not necessary, it’s just a sample.