4.Background Board

To put on the stand of clipart. Cut to adjust your frame. If you put fake butterfly directly onto frame’s back board, it is not necessary.

background board

Mine is more cheaper one.

5.Scissors, Designing Knife, Cutting Mat, Glue

Glue for styrofoam is necessary, because some glue dissolve styrofoam, not fix.

And for cutting, using designing knife is better.

6.Insect Pins

This is the real insect pin. Wow, expensive!

Real is expensive so I use “silk pin” for sewing. But its just for fake. Not neccesary.

insect pin

7.Something Like a Styrofoam

To be a stand. I bought it but in this DIY very small styrofoam needed. You can pick it up from your trash.


If you want to add more detail.

DIY Specimen Case with Butterfly Clipart

Preparation ready? So here we go!

1.Print Out Your Clipart

Print out your clipart as large as you want, but smaller than your frame.

And if you want to make it like a shadow box, print it some more.

I made 2 prints.

butterfly clipart

2.Cut the Clipart

This is very easy DIY. The most difficult point is this part, cutting. Cut along the butterfly image. And cut off its body and feeler also.

With designing knife it is easier.

butterfly clipart

3.Put a Clipart on Styrofoam Cube

My styrofoam too big to be a stand, cut smaller size like below. Cut to adjust your frame’s depth, and smaller to  hide butterfly’s back.

butterfly stand

I’m not good at cutting…. But this part no one see so that’s okay. Then put one butterfly on this.

butterfly clipart

And, fold another butterfly like below. And paste a little glue that folded line.

butterfly clipart

 And then put it on that butterfly on the styrofoam.
butterfly clipart
Glue takes time to fix completely. Wait a while. Almost finished!!!

4.Add More Detail for Fake Butterfly Specimen

This is specimen so it needs insect pin. Do you see the pin is central of butterfly? It was too small and thin.

butterfly clipart


And I added feeler made from wire. Pin and wire just sticked on styrofoam.
That’s very simple arrangement. You can add more.
butterfly clipart

6.Put on Fake Butterfly Specimen on the Board

Then put the butterfly “2-5”, on to background board that prepared “1-3”. And fix with glue.

butterfly clipart

7. Set the Frame

Yay! Finally finished!
butterfly clipart

butterfly clipart

Beautiful butterfly specimen case is very nice to decorate your room’s wall. Easy to make, not cost much! Enjoy!

2017 Atelier Kaori