I’m gonna tell you how to print greeting card PDF.

On Etsy, and many other sites, a lot of artists selling greeting card PDF. They are very economical. Their price is almost same as one physical greeting card, but once you have it you can print as many as you want. And you can choice a lot of  templates on your PC from all over the world! 

How to Print Greeting Card PDF

What You Need to Have Before DIY…

That’s very easy DIY. A few element is needed.

1.Greeting Card PDF You Like

Of course, without it there will nothing happen. For Example I use my Halloween greeting card PDF. Isn’t it cute?

And on my Etsy store there are more printable greeting card PDF. Check my store!

2.Nice Paper for Greeting Card

Paper is the most important thing. You need to have papers that thick enough to be a greeting card, and optimized for your personal inkjet printer. Paper color must be white or ivory.

Paper like below is recommended. This is double sided paper, but double sided is not necessery. If you want to print some messages inside, it would be useful.

3.Personal Printer

Needless to say. If you don’t have it, lent it from your neighbor!

4.Craft Paper Trimmer or Craft Knife

paper trimmer

This is my paper trimmer. You can cut them with usual cutter, but cutting straight is difficult. Use trimer you can cut them smooth and straight very easily. If you want make many card, you need to have it.But mine is small I recommend more larger one that cut large paper at once.

And there is another type trimmer. It can cut many papers at once, but if it were too many it cut out of the line.

DIY Greeting Card with Printable PDF

DIY greeting card is very easy!

1. Print Out Your PDF

I use my A4 PDF that separates 2 cards.

greeting card pdf

2.Cut the PDF

Almost printable greeting card PDF has cutting line like mine.
Mine is very pale difficult to see… Do you see that? Then cut the paper along this line.
greeting card pdf
Set the paper on trimmer. Slide the knob along the guide. that’s very easy!
If my trimmer is large I could cut this longer side at once!
greeting card pdf
greeting card pdf
greeting card pdf
Then fold it. You can have a card like the first pic. DIY greeting card is very easy and economical! Please try it!

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