DIY with Hand Painted Watercolor Clipart

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Hi! I am Kaori, creating hand painted watercolor clipart and more.

I am going to show my products, and tell you how to enjoy with clipart in your life at this site.It’s easy, and not cost much, very enjoyable, delight your life.

If you think you are not good at creating, that’s no problem. You just don’t know how. If you know, you would love to do it and finally satisfy with yourself!

Everybody can be creative, and being creative is not only enjoyable.

It’s very good for your mind’s health and quality of your life even. Do not hesitate, let’s open the door with me!


What is a Clipart?

Clipart is small illustration for mostly web design, or DTP design.

If you have SNS account, you can customize your cover image or your icon image with it. Does it sounds difficult for you? No, it’s very easy and enjoyable, exciting also.

And, you can make your own design of greeting cards, post cards, wall decorations and more and more!

You can go everywhere, and they sell everything, but you cannot find anything you like. That’s very usual problem. Or if you could find something you like, they are too much expensive, it happens usual also.

But if you make it by yourself, you can have what exactly you want and that is very original item which no one have!


Do You Want to Paint It by Yourself? Let’s Try!

If you cannot find any clipart you want, you can make it by yourself!

If you have a child, you can make a clipart from the painting which your child painted. It would be very cute and memorial thing. I am going to tell you how to do this.

And I am going to tell you how to paint with watercolor. Watercolor is very easy to handle, not expensive, and very nice to beginner.

You can do it on your dinning table every time you wanna do.

But needing a little bit of skill and technic. That’s not difficult but no one have taught you.


Check the Atelier Kaori’s Hand painted Watercolor Clipart

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