Mysterious and chic helleborus clipart. Helleborus’s other names are, lenten rose and Christmas rose. 

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Floral Clipart

Helleborus Clipart

I have thought that all of helleborus are called “christmas rose”. But that is only in Japan. Only  helleborus niger is christmas rose, others are lenten rose.

Their look very mysterious, mostly deep violet one. Sometime they are seemed black. And their thick petals also attractive.


I have tried them to plant, but it didn’t success. So I painted them, they bloom endlessly on the paper.

This clipart set is very chic, not ordinary. It must be very original one if you use it for your DIY.

Very nice for Christmas greetings also.


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About Helleborus

christmas rose pink

In Japan, Helleborus is still newer plant for us. Their original plant brought to Japan in 19th century. But they had been not known much as an ornamental.

They has poison, like Digitalis(fox glove) has. May be it brought to use as a medicine.

Latest 10 years it have gotten popular as a garden plant and we can buy a plant everywhere now. 

I talked about their petal above. But to tell the truth, it is a sepal. So this petal-less flower last longer. That’s very valuable in winter garden.

In letter half of 20th century, they had breaded well and many new species were born.

So helleborus that we usual see are almost breaded species, not originals.

How to Grow

Avoid Summer Sunshine

christmas rose white

Plant it middle of autumn to early spring. 

They don’t like strong sunshine. So plant them under deciduous trees that makes shade in summer. For helleborus niger , in winter, you should remove its old leaves, to expose roots to sunshine. 

Helleborus don’t like hot and humid season also. So they are difficult to grow in Japan.

Enjoy helleborus in your garden, flower arrangement, and clipart!


2016ⓒ Atelier Kaori