This is vintage rose clipart. This roses model is brown color roses. 

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Vintage Rose Clipart 

Vintage Rose Clipart 

Have you ever seen brown color roses? They are one of the latest species of roses.

Their chic and dusty color are very popular for flower arrangement.

They are very newer species, the first one was bone in 90s’, but I want to call them “vintage rose”. Because they look like roses on vintage wall paper or antique fabrics, aren’t they? Now we can see a lot of color of roses, even blue, gray, green. I love original and classic roses rather than them but I love this brown because of their classical look.

I painted them with Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, and Burnt Umber. This vintage rose clipart made from these woody or, milk tea and cafe latte color. These colors make them not sweet, but very romantic and nostalgic.

And I added some lacy leaves. They were made from antique laces from France.
And you may also like them.
But they are still usual pink roses.


About Brown Roses

Brown color roses has very interesting name that  “Teddy Bear”, “Cappuccino Rose”,”Latte Art”,”Chocolate Rose (aka Julia)”, “Tiramisù”, “Black Tea”. Most of them sounds yummy.

Seems most of them are not good for garden, because very difficult to grow, and not beautiful under the strong sunshine. You can find them at flower shop for bouquet. Some of them has nice flagrance.

And they are very popular as a wedding bouquet. Because for some bride thinks usual pink or white roses are too cute or sweet. Brown roses are romantic and nostalgic but also has urban, sophisticated atmosphere. This vintage rose cilpart is also nice for chic save the date.


2017ⓒ Atelier Kaori