This is my first anemone clipart.

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Floral Clipart

Anemone Clipart

I love anemone look fairy. So I painted it very sensitive and fairy.

This anemone clipart set would nice to use for greeting card, wedding invitation. Click the link below and go to Atelier Kaori shop.

Anemone – Clipart from Atelier Kaori on Etsy

And this is digital paper with this anemone clipart

Anemone – Digital Paper from Atelier Kaori on Etsy

About Anemone

The first time that I met anemone, was in a my grand mother’s small garden.

I don’t remember how old I was, may be I was around 7.

They were just ordinary red and blue and white, but I was very surprised and excited with their cute look. It brought to Japan in 18th’.

But in my childhood, I think this anemone from Mediterranean Sea was still not popular in Japan.

So it made a deep impression on my memory.

Anemone means “wind” in Latin. So its another name is windflower. These names express this flower nicely. In Japan, we call them anemone also. They has Japanese name but not known well, almost Japanese don’t know.

Other Kind of Anemone

When we call anemone, that is what I painted, the one from Mediterranean Sea. But there are a lot of kind of anemone. For me Japanese anemone is very familiar and it is also very cute.

And, ranunculus and christmas rose, and even clematis are also anemone’s relative. 

And even in the sea, there is its relative, called “sea anemone”. Yes, it seemed to blow by wind. Ofcouse I’m joking. 

In Japan, sea amemone is called “iso-ginnchaku”. It means “sea purse”, because it opens and closes as a purse. Which one is better to be its name?

How to Grow

Preparing the Bulbs

Plant the bulbs in autumn. But don’t plant as you do to tulip.

At the first, prepare dried gardening moss and a small vinyl bag. Wet the moss and squeeze well. Then, stuff the moss in a vinyl bag, and get anemone blubs into it.

Then, put the bag in a refrigerator. If you live in colder area, colder and dryer and no-sunshine place is also OK.

1 or 2 weeks later, you will see a bud comes up. Then, plant them to ground. Put edgy side of a bulb down. Don’t mistake!

For anemone and ranunculus, preparing bulbs the most important. After planting bulbs, nothing you need to do but feeding water.  

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