This is the first autumn clipart from Atelier Kaori.

Introducing Atelier Kaoris Clipart

Autumn Clipart

I don’t like early autumn very much. Because sunshine is getting weak, I feel it very lonely, miss summer. But getting autumn covers everywhere, I’m also getting comfortable as it.

But lately autumn is getting shorter than when I was a child. Very hot summer last longer than ever. So deep autumn is more precious season that we have to completely enjoy.

Dahlia blooms since early summer. But for me, an autumn flower is dahlia. Dahlia is a queen among the autumn flowers.

This clipart set including dahlia, colored leaves, rose hips. Based warm color, yellow and orange.

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About Dahlia

I like big and gorgeous dahlia. But smaller one is also cute. Dahlia has a lot of colors except blue. And has a lot of variety of shapes also. You would surly find your “IT” dahlia.

Dahlia’s original home is South America. They were born in the southern hemisphere, so they bloom in autumn of the northern hemisphere. Because autumn is spring in southern hemisphere.

How to Grow

Plant bulbs

Dahlia is bulb plant. Plant bulbs in March to April, very shallow on the ground. For bigger one, stand some props to support.

Dahlia likes sunshine, and needs much of water to growth. 

But in the middle of summer, they are getting tired for the heat. Dahlia don’t like hot season. Then cut off the stem and let them rest. In autumn, they are gonna be healthy and bloom again.

After flower

After the end of autumn bloom, dig the bulbs but do not separate them yet. In the next spring, before planting, is good to separating. You can see buds comes out from bulbs. Then separate to each bulbs has a bud. Be carefully, if you break the bud, the bulb will never have another bud again.

Enjoy autumn at outside, and inside with clipart!

2016ⓒ Atelier Kaori