Cat clipart for cat craze!

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Clipart

Cat Clipart


I’m a one of cat craze. And I know a lot of cat craze too.

Their cats scratch their hands, beautiful wallpaper on their house, but they don’t care. 


Cats don’t obey anyone, not learn what they are not interested. But still they love cats.

I cannot explain why we love cats so much… This clipart set for a cat craze like that.


An orange cat is loved in the USA very much. And brown tabby and silver tabby are very popular.

You can find a cat which very alike around of you.

Be with them even on a papers, web site designs with this cat clipart.


Cat Circle – Clipart from Atelier Kaori on Etsy

And if you love fluffy cat, there is another cat clipart

Fluffy Cat – Clipart from Atelier Kaori on Etsy


These cat clipart sets are very nice to make a greeting card for cat craze people. 

About My Cats

I like dogs too, but the most lovely companion animal is a cat for me.


At the first time I met a cat in a neighbor’s home. The neighbor loved cat so much and brought us a kitty.

He was a Himalayan mixed, very fluffy blue pointed. I named him Tom, from MGM’s cartoon “Tom & Jerry”. 


I loved Tom but Tom loved my father mostly. He was always inside of his gown. But Tom was born with weak, didn’t live longer. 


After Tom’s death, I could not keep a cat for a long time.

But one day, my mom got a cat from a young man who searching new owner for his cat.


It was Apple. She was American short hair mixed. She was very very active cat and scratched every wall of our house, sometime run away from home, said complain about her food so often.





And also she told me how she love her life, how happy she is.

Every morning she woke me up and took me to down stare, and said good morning (asked me to rub).

Rubbing is the most important ritual at morning for her. After that, she ate some food.


My life was hard and I depressed sometime , but she always showed me an opposite of life I forget.

She leave us several years ago, almost 18 years old. Now I don’t keep any cat because of house problem, I want another cat like her.


I hope I’ll find nice and reasonable room to live with cat sooner.

Until then, I enjoy cat clipart!


2016 ⓒ Atelier Kaori