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Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Clipart 

Honeysuckle Clipart 

I painted it very sensitive and romantic. And I paint white and yellow flower and pale pink flower. So it looks very rustic like planted country side’s cottage.

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About Honeysuckle 

Honeysuckle’s scientific name is Lonicera japonica, originally Eastern Asian plant.

I love honeysuckle, because of its sweet and fresh fragrance. And its tiny flowers are very cute. That is very nice to  combined with other flowers. Mostly with roses I like, that is very nice coordinate for wedding decoration. And I love the garden or cottage with honeysuckle! I like their rustic view. 

Japanese name

It can bear cold season very easily, and ever green. So in Japan it is called “Nin-Do”. That means “bear winter”. If you live colder area, it is very good for your garden.

This is common type honeysuckle in my mom’s garden.

Variety of Color 

Lately honeysuckle has a lot of variation of color. You can see very strong pink , violet, orange also. Their look like a tropical plants. They are very attractive but for me too much strong and too much gorgeous. I love simple and old fashioned white and yellow or very tender pink one.

Strong Reproduction

Honeysuckle flower looks very sensitive as a young girl, its “taste” is really “sweet”. But honeysuckle has another face.

You know, the plant is very wild, strong, live any bad situation. So if you plant it on your garden, it will cover your garden full just one year!

Once you plant it, you will never remove it. It is very troublesome for a gardener, sometime. In the USA, because of its strong propagative, original plants are gonna terminated.  

My mom’s garden is also filled up with honeysuckle! When they bloom, there is very wonderful smell but very difficult to control. Just one plant I bought but they are everywhere now, like a ground cover. 

How to grow

Get a Plant

Go to nursery in autumn, and get small plant. They are very strong so very easy to grow. No special care it demands.  It will grow unbelievable large bush soon! 

Planning is Important

They has strong reproduction. So once you plant, removing is very difficult. Then at the first, you need to think twice where the best place to plant it in your garden. Planning is very important. 

If you can control it, honeysuckle is very cute accent in your garden! I like it creeping the walls the best.

Enjoy honeysuckle in your garden, flower arrangement ,and for your DIY, with this clipart.

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