Enjoy my hydrangea clipart.

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Floral Clipart

Hydrangea Clipart

My hydrangea clipart is very rustic, has pale tone color like fading hydrangea. It would match “shabby chic” images.

Because I don’t like vivid hydrangea. Click the link below and go to my shop to see all of  hydrangea clipart.

Hydrangea – Clipart from Atelier Kaori on Etsy

watercolor hydrangea watering can

About Hydrangea

Hydrangea’s original home is Japan, we call it “ajisai”.

We don’t know much about why it was named as it. The most reliable view is, “ajisai” means “gathered indigo”.

In a period we don’t have toilet rolls still, some areas in Japan people used its leaves instead of it. What a useful plant it is!!! 

But if this story broke your romantic image of hydrangea, I’m sorry….

Hydrangea is very familier plant for japanese, you can see it everywhere in Japan.

Hydrangea’s flower can be dried beautifully. Sometime even upon a tree. 

We Japanese say a man that has dried hydrangea in his garden, will be rich. It is a kind of luchy charm. 

How to Grow

Easy to Grow

Planting hydrangea is not difficult. It doesn’t like strong sunshine, and needs water rather than other plants. Notice only these 2 point.

In Japan, it is very easy to grow in everywhere. Japanese rainy and humid wether match with hydrangea.

About the Color

Hydrangea’s  original color is blue. The color is controlled  by the soil’s pH.

When the soil is acidic, its color is getting pink. Rain is acidic lately so soil turns to acidic easily.

If you want to keep your hydrangea original blue, feed some lime on the ground.

I planted white hydrangea in my mom’s garden, but now their colors turns complicated.

Seems keeping pure white color is difficult…

It was small plant but after 5 years later it became almost 2m or more.

That’s very bad example. Hydrangea needs to be pruned well. It is the way to control its size, and make it bloom more flowers. 

About Sad Memory of Hydrangea

The first memory of hydrangea, was in our garden.

We lived in a small apartment in Nagoya, till i was 4.

One day I and my mother had planted a small hydrangea in our very tiny garden.

I liked to caring it and looked forword to see its flower bloom very much.

But a few months later, my father made to move Osaka. Then we should to leave the apartment.

At the first, I thought we can take the hydrangea with us, but my mother said no. Because our new apartment has no space for hydrangea.

I was very sad to leave it alone and cried. It hurt my heart very much.

After a few weeks from moving, I asked my mother how is the hydrangea. She answered that a nice old man lent the apartment and he cares it.

The news made my heart very ease and warm. I was so glad that my hydrangea has new owner, and imaged how is the man that cares.

A few years ago, I talked with my mother about my memory of this hydrangea. And talked how the news about old man made me happy at that time.

But my mother said don’t remember about that, and may be it was lie to calm me down…! My mother is lier….!!!!

I found the apartment in Google map, seems still being . Is the hydrangea still living? So hydrangea is sad flower for me. 

2016ⓒ AtelierKaori