This is very sensitive passion flower clipart.

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Clipart

Passion Flower Clipart

I like passion flower but I could not find its clipart very much. So I made it by myself.

It include 3 combinations. They are very east to use to DIY.

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Passion Flower Clipart

About the Name

English Name

Passion flower’s “passion” means Jesus’s passion. Named after its unique shaped flower.

In the 16th century, missionaries of Society of Jesus propagated in South America. They thought that the pistils looks like the cross and nails that Jesus was crucified. Seems it was very mysterious shape for European.

Then missionaries thought the flower shows how people in South America needing them to conversion to be Christianity.

Missionaries were very courageous and had tough mentality to go abroad that almost anyone have never seen. But seems still they needed to things that encourage them to do. 

They called it “flos passionis” in Latin. That’s very religious but too much solemn name for me.

Japanese Name

In Japan, we are not Christian. Japanese named it “Tokei-so”, that means “clock plant”.

Japanese imaged clock’s hands from the pistilI like this funny and kiddy name rather than English name.

Society of Jesus had developed elaborate pendulum clocks in 17th century, but the missionaries didn’t image it for a flower’s name. 

Passion flower brought to Japan in 17th century, but I’m not sure it was called “clock plant” from the first.

About the Fruit

Passion flower has a fruit, looks very boring but delicious. Taste is tart and flavor is exotic, has a lot of seeds.

But not every passion flower’s fruit is edible. Edible passion fruits are a kind of that called “Passiflora edulis“. But I don’t like its flower’s look, ornamental one is nicer. 

passionflower clipart

How to Grow

How to Plant

Plant it in spring to early summer. Make it creep on a fence or wall.

There are a lot of type of passion flower. They are originally living in hotter area. It loves sunshine, and don’t need water much. Keep its soil a little bit dryer is better.

In the Hotter Area

If you are living hotter area, it is very easy to grow. But its propagative power is very strong. If you don’t want it cover every wall or fence, it might be very annoy for you.

In the Colder Area

If you are living colder area, some of them have cold resistant. Pic the best one that fits your garden. 

I painted the most popular one that I like the most.

Enjoy passion flower in your garden, and DIY with clipart!

2016 ⓒ Atelier Kaori