This is my first peony clipart. And I’m gonna paint more watercolor peony clipart.

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Peony Clipart

Peony Clipart

I love pink peony very much. And peonies are very popular flower for wedding, as same as roses.

So I made this peony clipart set very gorgeous and romantic.  Other flowers are viburnum and hypericum berry, and silver leaf.


I want to have such a cute bouquet from good looking guy! 😀 If you married already, don’t you?

This watercolor peony clipart set is very nice for wedding invitation, save the date, or your own wedding homepage.

Everybody get your invitation with peony clipart would love it!

Hand Painted Watercolor Clip Art/Peony
Hand Painted Watercolor Clip Art/Peony

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About Peony 

An Oriental Flower

Peony’s home is China. Very popular in Japan also.Their very gorgeous ruffled petal and beautiful color have loved for a long time.

And peony is very popular motif for painting. 

In 19th’, peonies were imported to Europa, getting popular most in France, and have breaded more and more. Now, we can see yellow peony even! But sadly, their flower has no fragrant.


Peony is not only beautiful. Peony’s root is very important as a medicine for Chinese medical science. A lot of Chinese medicine include it. It have used as an analgesic…etc.


Famous fashion designer Anna Sui loves peony very much and use its illustration on her collections. That’s well known.


Similar Species Paeonia

Have you ever heard “paeonia”? This is a flower’s name very similar peony. You may not tell them apart.


In Japan, we compare peony and paeonia to a beautiful and elegant lady. Paeonia is also very popular in Japan, called  “botan”. The difference is between them, peony is grass but paeonia is tree. 

How to Grow Peony Plant

Plant it in autumn

Planting peony is not difficult. They need sunshine, and larger space to grow. But roots should be cooler, avoid the sun. 

Peony increase from its root. So, after 3 to 5 years from planting, you need to dig the root and divide them. 

Many Species

Peony has a lot of species. Everyone has beautiful color, pretty many petals.

You will not able to choice which one you should to have for your garden. .But sadly they blooms just once in a year.

Then, in a season that peony don’t bloom, enjoy peony with clipart.


 All images licensed by 2016 ⓒ Atelier Kaori