Rosa Mundi Clipart is the first wild rose clipart in Atelier Kaori.

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Rose Clipart 

Rosa Mundi Clipart

I paint Rosa Mundi very cute and girly. I think every women would love it. Nice to greeting card, picture frame(see sample below).

Rosa Mundi – Clipart from Atelier Kaori on Etsy

About Rosa Mundi

I love wild roses. Wild roses are really tough, can survive even bad situation. Their life is very long. And their look, very simple but cute. 

And, among the all of wild roses, I love this “Rosa Mundi” the most! Because of its semi-double, and cute pink and white striped petal. 

See the pic below.


About the Name

“Rosa Mundi”, is very old rose named after King Henry Ⅱ’s mistress, Rosamund.

Now we can see a lot of gorgeous roses that breaded. But in King Henry Ⅱ’s era, its striped petal was very rare and special.

Rosa Mundi is the one of a Gallica rose. Gallica Rose is very old and historical rose, well known as one of the symbol of “Rose War”, in the Middle Age of England.

House of Lancaster’s rose was red Rosa Gallica officinalis. But Gallica Rose is originally living in France. That is one of the most oldest and ancestor rose. 

House of York’s rose was white Rosa Alba. And there is a rose that called “York and Lancastor”, that has pink and white petal, is not Rosa Alba. That is one of the Damask rose.

How to Grow

Plant It in Autumn to Winter

In the most usual way, get 2 years old plant from nursery. If you live in very cold area, plant it autumn.

Not very cold area -like almost area of Japan, you can plant it in winter even (or sometime it is better). 

Easy to Grow

Ancestor roses are very easy to grow. I don’t see insects on it very much, and they don’t get sick too.

Very nice to beginner. And their bush is small so easy to handle, fits small space even. But they only bloom at the first of summer.

I had plant it in my mom’s garden, almost 15 years ago.

I had left my mom’s home and my mom is not a good gardener, so it have not grew large, but still bloom at spring. Here is “MY” Rosa Mundi.

2016ⓒ Atelier Kaori