Here is rose dahlia clipart has a little bit nostalgic atmosphere.

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Clipart

Rose Dahlia Clipart

I named this clipart set “The End of Summer”. I painted flowers that blooms very early autumn. Autumn roses, dahlias, cosmoses. 

I don’t like summer. Because in Japan it is very hot and humid. It is very hard to survive, makes me very tired. But when it is getting fade out,

I feel very lonely and sad. I find that I need sunshine to bright even my heart. Then I am getting miss sunshine very much.

I painted that atmosphere I feel very year. 

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About Cosmos

How to Grow

Growing cosmos is very easy. They like sunshine, don’t need water and manure much. Very nice to lazy people as me.

Almost cosmoses are annual, but some of them perennial.

Sow seeds in early spring to early summer. Then you can enjoy their flowers for a long term.


Annual type

Seeds that sowed in early spring, you can see its flower even in early summer.

Almost cosmoses are tall, and increase wildly. So it is not good to potting. And in a garden, it needs larger space.

For taller types, you need to stand some props to support them.


Perennial Type

If you want to plant it in a pot, choice perennial types are better. They are smaller than annual types.

Perennial type is sold as a small plant in a pot usual.

Most of cosmoses are not have cold resistant. If you plant an annual type, it doesn’t matter. But if you plant perennial type,

you need to save it from cold in winter. If you live in colder area, take care!


The cosmos I painted is a perennial type, called chocolate cosmos. It has very deep color that mixed violet, blown, red.

And not only its color, even it smells like a chocolate also! This is one of my favorite cosmos!

If you have never seen it, please check it in a nursery.


 All images licensed by 2016ⓒ Atelier Kaori