Illustrations and musics are combined in this rose piano clipart.

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Floral Clipart

Rose Piano Clipart

I have been thinking about combine illustrations and musics, like Henri Mattisse or Raoul Dufy did. I know they are historical great master, I cannot imitate. But still, I dream I paint it like they did.

On their painting, music is singing, dancing, hopping. I want to paint like them but still I need excise.

This is my rose piano clipart. Here is just a one set but I’m gonna more clipart for combination music and illustration.

Melody – Clipart from Atelier Kaori on Etsy


About Piano

I don’t play any musical instruments, sadly.

If you play the piano, a grand piano must be your dream. In Japan our home is small so most popular piano is stand piano.

but Japan has a rainy season and humid summer, so tuning is very difficult. Keep it in a room has humidity control is the best.


My sister learned to play piano, but my parents could not have real piano so brought her a digital piano.

If you wanted to be a “pianist”, not just a player, a digital piano is not enough.

And piano wants you to strike its heavy keys everyday, every hour, every minute!

Piano is very cruel that demands bloody excise. A lot of people try to be a pianist, but only a few people survive.


I know how people fight against the piano to handle it. But when I see the piano I feel it is very beautiful and romantic. If it was just exist, without any sounds even.


Now musics are disposable, but still a piano has special value, I feel. I think others think as same as me. So, people place a piano on the room, if they are not gonna play it.

Something that hard to handle is very attractive, as a beauty for boys…


2016ⓒ Atelier Kaori