Rose Succulent clipart was made for your own wedding DIY.

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Rose Clipart

Rose Succulent Clipart

Succulent had been only for a garden or a container garden. But lately, succulent has picked up for bouquets or flower arrangements as a very fashionable element.

Their look have not changed since several hundred years ago I guess. But its features very futuristic even 21st’. So that’s very remarkable element for latest modern style wedding. It adds cool impression for sweet bouquets.

I made this clipart set with including of pink rose clipart, white anemone clipart, succulents and lilac clipart.

These clean images match a beautiful bride.

This rose succulent clipart set for wedding invitations, save the date. 

Sweet – Rose Clipart from Atelier Kaori on Etsy

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About Succulent

When I was a child, my mom planted succulent in some containers. But I didn’t like its shabby color, and their curious shaped flower also. Never understood why my mom likes them.

But now, several decade later, I am very much old enough to know their charm. 


How to Grow

Everybody knows that succulent is very easy to grow. No need to special care. That is true but not true. 

If you feed water too much for quantity of sunshine, its leaves and stems would be spindly. Then it’s getting looser look easily.

Careful observation is needed for succulent, as same as other plants.



Propagating succulent is very easy. Pick up a leaf and put upon a ground. Do not feed water like you do other plants. Place avoid sunshine.

After few days, you will see the root come from each leaf.


Weather and Temperature

Succulents home is hot and dry area. So they don’t have cold proof. If you are living cold area, in the winter you need to get them inside of your home or sun room.

But they hate humid asian summer as much as cold.

And succulent and cactus seem very similar. But succulent needs more water rather than cactus. So you need to learn when and how to and how much feed water to succulent! That’s very important thing!

Succulent would be nice accent for wedding party, and your interior, your gardening, and your DIY with clipart. Enjoy.


2016 ⓒ Atelier Kaori