This is a tea rose clipart. Tea rose is one of the species of roses.

But in this my tea rose clipart set, I meant tea color roses.

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Rose Clipart

Tea Rose Clipart

Rose is very popular flower that everyone love.And it is indispensable for bride, wedding party.

Rose has a lot of species. In this tea rose clipart set, I painted roses’ shape like a hybrid tea rose.

Because I love “tea color” roses. So I rhymed “tea” and “tea rose”. Then “tea color” tea rose clip art were born.


You can see tea color tea roses as a cut flower in flower shop. They are very chic and attractive! 

And my tea rose clipart set is also attractive, and never die, and cheaper! But has no smell 😛

Please check the link below and see all of my tea rose clipart.


This tea rose clipart set is very nice to use wedding invitation, save the date, your own wedding party homepage.

And this tea rose clipart is very popular among my Etsy shop. So it would be loved from others.

Nice to greeting card also. Let’s DIY craft project!

About Hybrid Tea Rose


Most of roses that called tea rose are species from China. They named after their fragrance. People say it like a tea, but I don’t think so…

Hybrid tea rose is one of the species of modern roses. The first hybrid rose is “La France” by Jean-Baptiste André Guillot, in 1867.

So, hybrid tea rose is newer species in a rose history.  Roses bear after “La France” are called modern rose.


And in 20th’, they were very popular as a garden rose and a cut flower. I think what you may image as a rose is hybrid tea rose.

Hybrid tea rose features straight long and uplight stem, large green leaf. And high-centered flowers, petal has sharp edge. And bloom again in autumn.

But almost hybrid tea roses has no or very week fragrance, sadly.

How to Grow

Hybrid tea rose is very popular as a garden rose. But they are not easy to grow.

They are weak rather than old roses or landscape roses. So I have never planted it. And I like cabbage look roses, not high-centered.

People says that growing roses is difficult, because of a hybrid tea rose is very popular and difficult.

If you plant old roses or landscape rose, it is easier than hybrid tea.

Growing healthy hybrid tea rose needing very much care.

Unless using disinfection and insecticide, you cannot keep them living. And needless to say, sunshine is essential. 


But If you are already very good gardener, has brave to try hybrid tea, you will be able to make them bloom well. They are worth to try.

If you are lazy as me, you can also enjoy hybrid tea as a cut flower, or this tea rose clipart.


 All images licensed by 2016 ⓒ Atelier Kaori