This is water lily clipart.

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Floral Clipart 

Water Lily Clipart

I could not have the pond of water lily…. So I made the pond on the paper! And you also can make it with this clipart set. It has blue back ground digital paper that images surface of the pond.

Water Lily – Clipart from Atelier Kaori on Etsy

About Water Lily 

Most of them live Eastern Africa and Southeast Asia. Its science name is Nymphaea colorata. Sounds very romantic,isn’t it?

French painter Claude Monet loved it. And planted it in his garden’s pond and painted that view. His pictures are very beautiful and famous.

Monet liked Japanese block print “Ukiyo-e”. So he builded a Japanese-chic bridge on the pond, and planted Eastern plants like bamboos. 

I guess Monet was very ambitious gardener. May be it was very unique garden design in that era. So his pond made him very proud and big smile, and gave much of satisfaction.

Of course water lily else, Monet’s garden is very attractive in all season. I want to visit their someday.

This is Monet’s Garden

In Japan, you can see it temple’s garden mostly.


I love water lily so i had planed to plant it in the pond of my mom’s garden.

But after the road work which in front of my mom’s pond, pond’s water had gone! Sadly we lost our turtles’, fishes’, shrimps’ home …and I could not have the pond which like Monet had…!

How to Grow

Choice a Plant

A lot of water lilies are cold proof.

Some of water lilies have very vivid color, and they are originally lives hotter area. So if you live in cold area, you need to keep it in the terra cotta pot, then put it in the pond or large water ball.

In the winter, take it from the pond and get into sun room to save it from the cold.

Enjoy water lily in your garden, when you are inside, enjoy with clipart.

 All images licensed by 2016ⓒ AtelierKaori