Atelier Kaori’s 2 Poppy Clipart sets are very useful for your DIY.

This cheerful and colorful clipart would be loved from all people! 

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Floral Clipart

Poppy Clipart

When I painted Poppies, I wanted to express their very thin and light petals.

A lot of people say its petal is like a “paper”. I painted “Corn Poppy ” or “Iceland Poppy” in these set.

And, poppy and wheal combination is very popular in occident. These rustic and old fashioned image I love very much.

So I painted wheal also, in “Poppy Clipart #1”.

Both 2 poppy clipart sets are very colorful, and sensitive, and very popular. 

poppy clipart 2

I made a greeting card with my poppy clipart #1. Isn’t it cute?

Poppy Greeting Card Idea / Pinterest

About Poppy

I love poppies, when a lot of poppies are blooming on meadow and brew by wind, that view is very gorgeous and dreamy. 

The most popular color is red, but they has white, pink, yellow, orange also. Very colorful variation is their attractive point.

But sadly they won’t last any longer. It’s one week pleasure of spring. 

This pic is poppies in my mom’s garden.


Opium Poppy

In Japan, we cannot plant opium poppy and their relatives. 

Because of its seed which has opium, when it grow up in the hotter area.

That’s so sad because some of them that breaded for garden are very big and beautiful.

So we can only see corn(Shirley) poppy or Iceland poppy blooming.

And I made oriental poppy clipart set also! Check the link below!


How to Grow

Plant Seeds in Autumn

Poppy is very easy to plant and grow on your garden. In the autumn, plant its seed, just all!

But its seed is very small so do not plant it deep in the ground. Next spring it will come up and grow by itself. Nothing you need to do.

And once you plant it, its seeds falling down in autumn, and it will come up next spring again.

Loves Sunshine

Poppy loves sunshine very much. For the best result, You need to make a room for them in the best place in your garden.

But they are very strong, so if you could not, they can grow. But their will be a little bit poor and small.

Blue Poppy

Very rare, has very beautiful and vivid light blue petal is also you can plant. It is called Himalayan Blue Poppy.

It originally living in Himalaya, so it is difficult to plant in hotter area. I’m going to challenge to make blue poppy clipart.

All images licensed by 2016 ⓒ Atelier Kaori