This is very attractive oriental poppy clipart.


Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Floral Clipart

Oriental Poppy  Clipart


I showed poppy clipart already. Then, here is an oriental poppy clipart.


Oriental poppy has different charm from corn poppy.

Oriental poppy is also very beautiful, but its flower is large as a kid’s head, and its color is very vivid and strong.

And its center of flower is also big and almost very deep violet. These points give us very stimulative impact.

Oriental poppy must be a queen of darkness, very attractive with poison!

But my oriental poppies don’t have such a impact. Still weak.


About Oriental Poppy 


Oriental poppy’s look is very strong. Big flower, thick stem, large leaves, and very tall.

So in Japan, it is called “Oni-geshi”. “Oni” means monster and large.

And opium poppy looks very similar to oriental poppy. And there is a lot of beautiful species that breaded.

We cannot know which is opium poppy at a glance.

Opium poppy don’t make opium colder area, but if there is hot as Japan, it make opium.

So we cannot plant opium poppy and breaded poppies that has gene of opium poppy. If you do, you must be arrested!!

Japanese cannot see their flower, and its ornamental fruit after the flower also. That is big loss for Japanese gardener.


How to Grow


Oriental poppy is a perennial plant.

But they cannot survive hot temperature and humid air, so cannot survive summer of Japan.

That is one of a reason why we don’t see oriental poppy very much in Japan.

If you live in colder place, that’s nice to plant it your garden. In the spring, you can see its beautiful flower!


Easy to Grow

Planting oriental poppy is very easy. That’s same as corn poppy.

In colder are, it is perennial plant, but in hotter area, treat it an annual plant, as corn poppy.

You need to prepare large space for this monster.


If you cannot enjoy living oriental poppy, you can enjoy it with oriental poppy clipart!


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