There are license free clipart! You can use them in any occasion without caring about license.

5/22,2017 Update.

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Clipart

License Free Clipart

My clipart are not free. But these some clipart sets are license free, commercial use OK!

You don’t need to pay more, in any occasion!

These are license free clipart(digital paper) sets.

They are all hand painted, you see the colors are oozing, uneven. That’s very unique, different from usual strips or dots.

Very nice to use to your DIY craft project. Scrap booking, wrapping, making greeting card, baby shower. 

But their pattern are very simple so I don’t wanna have additional fee from you.


These digital papers are JPEG files. When you print them out, color is different from monitor.

 If it was too pale, change it’s color tone. 

And, this is an example of DIY crafting with striped digital paper.



I’m gonna make more license free clipart and digital paper more!


About License of Atelier Kaori Clipart

My clipart sets are fundamentally personal use only.

But if you want sell something made from my clipart, for your small business,

under 300 copies you can do it without any licenses.

If you use my clipart for your products, it would be my big pleasure!

I am tolerant of physical products. Most of you can use my clipart without license.


But for the web design, license rule is bit different.

Only for your own website design, I accept to use my clipart.

If  you wanna my clipart for your personal website, I am very glad and proud!

If the website is for your business, please buy a license.

Do not use them for making digital contents to share or sell, or make another’s website.

It’s not allowed.



And, my “Cookie the Cat” series are personal use only, no license in any cases.


I am so sorry for this complicated rules. 

This rules don’t mean to punish any other. I’m not strict so much.

I just don’t want to my clipart are treated like a graffiti at dirty toilet.

I like my paintings, that’s all.


If you have any questions or request, feel FREE to contact me! 

Thank you for your reading.


2017 ⓒ Atelier Kaori