I’m gonna tell you how to order original design fabric Contrado in this page.

Look the pic above, it made from my original fabric. And this passion flower illustration from my clipart. If you have some clipart which you love, you also can make an original textile design and be able to order your own clothes. Without much of skill, or expensive tools.


How to Order Original Design Fabric Contrado

Making textile pattern design is difficult and trouble some. But some of sites bring us very easy design system. 

That’s enough for simple pattern, with no skill, no tool.

Some fabric printing company provide similar service, today I pick up Contorado’s one.

Contrado is established in United Kingdom, very famous in Euro.

Their printing quality is very nice, and they has a lot of kind of clothes, you cannot choice 😀

And they delivery your clothes very soon with cheaper shipping cost.



1. Contrado’s Good Point

2.Preparation – What You Need to Order Original Design Fabric Contrado…..

3.Order Fabric

Contrado’s Good Point

1. You Can Choice Yours from a Lot of Type of Fabric

They has over 99 fabrics, they say ( I haven’t count). Anyway, there are a LOT, you cannot choice at once. Other companies don’t have such a variety. You will find what exactly you want.

2. Heavy Image Files are Okay

They accept customers upload very heavy image. I have uploaded almost 100MB file per one. Other companies has limit (around 50MB, I guess). But with heavy images would make designing system very slow sometime.

3.Delivery Very Fast

I live in Japan, but they delivery it very soon from UK. Only a week after I receive!

4.Reasonable Price

Of course it depend on what fabric you choice. But At the first I looked for same service in Japan, they are more expensive. Including shipping cost from UK, Contrado is still cheaper!

And, bad point is…

Sometime their server is very slow…..


What You Need to Order Original Design Fabric Contrado…..

1.Clipart which You Like 

For example, I use my hydrangea clipart.


And I made a combination of them. See below. I use this clipart combination for this simple textile pattern.

This combination is 2400 ×2400 px, 200 ppi. Back ground is transparency, TIFF file. 


To design original fabric Contrado, JPEG, PNG, TIFF files are acceptable. Set their resolution 150~200 ppi, if you make any size of image.
We make digital datas 300 ppi or more, to print on paper. So you may think 150~200 ppi is too low.
But to print on a fabric, fabrics are rough rather than papers.
So If the resolution high as for papers, you won’t see the difference between 300 ppi to 150~200 ppi.
Then you had better to make the file size lighter.

2. Make an Account on Contrado

At the first, go to Contrado site and make your account. Because, you have an account, you can save your design halfway. Of course that is free.

3. Fabric Swatch Pack

Contrado has a lot of fabrics to print. Their fabrics quality are very nice but there are so many, you may be irresolute.  
I recommend you to buy their fabric sample set “Fabric Swatch Pack” the first. That would help you to choice fabric that suited for your purpose.
contrado fabric switch pack

Order Original Design Fabric Contrado

1.Set a Fabric You Want

Go to Contrado‘s site and click “Fabric Printing”.

contrado home page

Then open next window, click “See all Fabrics”.

You will see a lot of their fabrics, choice the one you want, then click “Start Design”.

New page will open, you set fabric size and edges type. You can buy a fabric as much as exactly you need.

There are 4 edge types. I always choice the left one “As It Comes”.

order original fabric at contrado


2. Set Your Own Image

Finished set a fabric size? Then, click the left side green “Add Images/Text “. You will see the green “Select Your Image to upload” and click it to upload the file from your PC.


design original fabric at contrad

You’ll see your file on the monitor. Then click blue “Select” and right corner green “Add 1 Image to Product”.

design original fabric at contrad

You will think OMG! Contrado system resize your image automatically. So it will be too big for your fabric.
Then set the size as you want. Where the pink line above the pic, you can change it.
Here is, after changed. You can set the image where you wanna to set. Click “More Sensitivity” Botton. Or you can drug it.
design original fabric at contrad

3. Make a Pattern

You set your own image. Then make a pattern.
With this system you can make simple pattern very easily.
Click “Effects” of  4″R” button. Then you’ll see “Pattern Repeat Style”.
design original fabric at contrad

Left side is “Basic Pattern”, right side is “Half Drop Pattern”. These are “seamless repeat pattern”.

repeat pattern image

Here you have your own, original textile design! If you satisfied your design, click “proceed to cart”!

But you can add more detail on this design. On “lesson 2”, I am going to tell you.