Now I will show you how to add more detail to your original design fabric Contrado.

Have you read this post already? If you haven’t, please read the post to know basic way.

Make an Original Design Fabric Contrado

I showed very simple way to design fabric Contrado. Then, add more detail for your design. It is still simple and easy to do.

1.Add More Clipart

At the recent post, I added only one clipart, but you can add more clipart as same way.

But If you want to add more clipart, the clipart’s background must be transparency. If it isn’t, it hide other clipart under that.

Each clipart showed as list. For example, I added same clipart again.

design fabric contrado

2.Change Clipart’s Color

Look a pic above, I changed the 2nd clipart’s color “Black and White”.

Click “Effect”s left bottom, you can choice the color from”Normal”,”Black and White”,and “Sepia”.

No need to prepare before! That’s very easy!


3.Make a Pattern with 2nd Clipart

Of course you can make a new pattern with 2nd clipart.

Choice the clipart and click the pattern you like.

I added another patten over the original pattern. It makes interesting effect.

2017ⓒ Atelier Kaori

4.Change Background Color

You can easily change the background color.

Click the “Background Colour” box and set the color you like. You’ll be able to check easily what color matches your clipart.

Background’s color is very important. It changes the image’s atmosphere dynamically.

design original fabric

5.Set a Background Image

You can add a background as same as image.

For example, I added my stripe digital background under the pattern.

Stripe #Cool – Atelier Kaori on Etsy

Isn’t it nice?

design original fabric


I made this passion flower fabric with these way above.
passionflower fabric
 I use one combination of clipart, “Normal” color and “Black and White” color. And made “Black and White” one more larger, under the “Normal” color one.
With Contrado’s system, design your original fabric is very easy. You must try it!

2017ⓒ Atelier Kaori