Let me show you my lovely swallow clipart. Swallows wear black tailcoat usual, but my swallows wear rainbow tailcoat.

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Bird Clipart

Swallow Clipart

In Japan, we see swallows mostly early summer. They make a nest on the wall with mud of paddy field.

The area that don’t have paddy field, what do swallow use to make a nest instead of mud?

Japanese say that a swallows nest call lucky for the house.


Every year mom’s house has swallow’s nest but have never had something especially lucky.

In the early summer, I feel so nice when I see swallow flying. It tells us very nice season has come.

I painted such a feeling this swallow clipart. See more detail.

Swallow – Clipart from Atelier Kaori on Etsy


And this is a digital paper with swallow clipart.

Swallow Digital Paper – Atelier Kaori on Etsy

And, this is an interesting DIY idea with this swallow clipart.


Swallow clipart would be nice to fabric pattern. This is what I made for DIY above.

I’m gonna tell you how to do this in another page.

swallow original fabric

About Swallow

I had hated swallow in my childhood.

One day, I was going back to home from school. My home was very far away from my school.

It was very long and tired way for a kid. I had walked very slow, with unpleasant mood.

Suddenly, I felt something cold on my head. Then I touched my hair, I found bird poo on my head.

I looked upon the sky, there was a swallow on the line.


Those days I had been not happy because for changing school.

So I felt it like insult. It was just a swallow but even it hurt my heart.

And it was on my favorite hair accessory also.

I started cry, but still there was long way to home. I walked with poo on my head.

Since then, I had hated swallows for a long time.

Now I look back the memory and laugh.


 All images licensed by 2017 ⓒ Atelier Kaori