This is an ice cream clipart. Everybody loves ice creams! 

Introducing Atelier Kaori’s Ice Cream Clipart

Ice Cream Clipart

I have never met any person that don’t like ice creams.

When I enter the store, there are a lot of flavors welcome me. Who can resist them if he were dieting.

I always cannot choice which one is the best.

Ice creams are very colorful, their colors cheer me up, and make me very happy even its look.

On a corn they are dreamy cute. 

For just their cute looks, I want to try double or triple but that’s too much for me(that would make me very cold) so sadly I have never tried.

I guess you also feel it same as me. Ice creams take us back to our childhood and remind us our child heart still remain within our soul.


There are Ice cream clipart and digital paper. There are ice candies and soft creams also.

Which one do you like the most?

Ice cream clipart and digital paper would be very nice for summer greetings, scrap booking for your children.

Ice Cream Digital Paper/ Cool Sweets Hand Painted Watercolor
Ice Cream Watercolor Clipart /Hand Painted Watercolor Clip Art

On Creative Market, I sell 2 set pac (clipart set and digital paper set ), and plus repeat pattern set!

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And this is my textile design, you can buy on Spoonflower.
spoonflower ice cream white-s

Textile Design : Ice Cream White-S


And there are some physical items at Roostery.
roostery ice cream cushion

And also on Society6.

Ice cream i phone clear case

Ice cream tote bag

Ice cream backpacks

Ice cream duffle bags

About Ice Cream

I love ice creams which made from thick cream, like Häagen-Dazs’s one.

But the first ice cream is thought that like a sherbet(sorbet) with whipped white eggs, without cream.  

Original ice cream was made like Sicilian “Granita”.


Present-day ice cream that including cream was made in USA.

They used milk that unsold, that was very nice idea. Then ice cream got really “creamy”. 

I like this creamy cream in ice cream.


I had worked at milk factory, they had made fresh cream for high-quality confectioneries.

When these very thick cream were unsold,  they gave me a lot of cream FREE.

It got me very happy and rushed to home, made ice creams and butter from them.

They were very simple and pure – which has no artificial flavors, colors, additives.

Then its original natural milk flavor got strong, it makes them very delicious.

I have never eaten such a delicious ice creams ever. You will never buy. If you have a chance, you must try! 


2017ⓒ Atelier Kaori