You cannot paint watercolor unless watercolor!

Painting Watercolor

There is no one who have never painted watercolor. Especially Japanese, because every Japanese should take a class for watercolor at primary school.


But a lot of people haven’t enjoy or satisfy what he did. Because he thinks he cannot paint as he wants to do. You may think that’s lack of talent.


I say no to your opinion. I think almost people just don’ t know the techniques. At least, art teachers don’t teach about it in Japan.

Technique sounds difficult. Yes there are painters that use very high level techniques. And paint very correct flowers or landscapes.


But the most important point for painting is not correctness. It is an expression what you want to express, who you are. If you get a few techniques, they help you paint what you want to.




Needless to say, that is the most important item.

There is a lot of watercolors in the world! But which one is the best?


There are many good products so I cannot say which is the best.

But I can say which you should not buy. That is a product for primary school’s student.

If you want to buy for your kid, I don’t recommend. Their ability won’t increase with cheaper product.


Yes they are cheap, their color are not nice, only has the value as their price.

High-quality and expensive colors include very precious materials. The materials make their “color”.

Cheap materials just can make colors like a kid’s toy. If you have very good techniques, you’ll never paint better without high-quality products.


What Color You Need


At the first, if you don’t have any watercolors, I recommend you to buy watercolor set, 12 colors or 18 colors. Then add some color you like. 

And I recommend to have acrylic gouache also, I’ll talk about that another post.


Watercolor has 2 types. Tube type and pan type. I recommend a tube type. Tube type easy to use, easy to mix up. Pan type needs a pallet for each companies.

There are famous watercolor company’s product. 


Winsor & Newton

Very world famous England company. Most of professionals use this. 

Their colors are deep, and fix to paper very well. Almost their color use only one pigment.

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor 12 Tube set



This is world famous German company. This is also famous that Emil Nolde liked their products.  They are very high-quality and expensive. Sadly I have never tried. The difference of Winsor & Newton’s color is, many Schmincke’s colors are made by mixing a few pigment. 

Watercolor Set, 12 5ml Tubes” A Metal Box


Daniel Smith

Very famous American company. Their products are very attractive. One of their color named “Lapis Lazuli Genuine” contains Lapis Lazuli stone 80% as a pigment! 

Daniel Smith Alvaro Castagnet Master Artist Watercolor Set (10 Pack), 5ml



Hans Holbein is famous German painter. But this Holbein is Japanese painting color company.

There products are nice but not expensive. So I have used them for a long time.

Very good products for new comer. But I guess they are not popular in other countries.

And I feel Holbein’s colors are not sensitive rather than other companies.

Holbein Artists’ Watercolor 5ml 12 Color Set


Not above 5 companies’ products, if the products has same level quality of Holbein’s, that’s enough.

Then, which are you gonna have?


2016ⓒ Atelier Kaori